Terms of Use


Account Eligibility


You must be at least 18 years old when creating an account or purchasing any product on our website. Should you be under the age of 18, signing up means that you warrant either your parent or legal guardian’s consent in all of your website activities.

Creating an account entails the following:

  •    You are at least 18 years old or has the consent to sign up;
  •    You are responsible for ensuring the safety of your account by keeping your password confidential;
  •    You accept the responsibility when it comes to all website activities and logins associated with your account;
  •    You promise that all information upon registration is complete, accurate, and current; and
  •    You agree not to impersonate another person and company upon registration


As part of the company’s services, we will send you an SMS using a short code text messaging services which will inform and notify you regarding your registration and other purchases on the website. Rest assured that we do not credit any charges for all of these texts and calls.

Website Usage

Upon registration, you agree that you will only use the website and its content in good faith. You agree NOT to do the following:


  • attempt to breach any authentication measure or security of the website;
  • attempt to reverse engineer or hack the site using any network, software, or server in any way;
  • use your website account to ask for solicitation or for any commercial purpose for that matter;
  • defame, threaten, intimidate, harass, or stalk other users, third parties, or the employees of the company;
  • violate the right of publicity and privacy rights of other users, third parties, or the employees of the company;
  • attempt to collect or harvest critical information from other users such as email addresses, phone numbers, credit card and social security numbers and passwords, and addresses; and
  • do anything malicious, illegal, fraudulent, infringing, or expose the company to liability or harm.


The organization has the right to investigate should they see counts of violation in the website’s usage.


Promotional Programs

From time to time, the organization will engage in promotional programs such as sending promotional emails, offering discounts, and sending newsletters to registered users. We also have the discretion to change, add, modify, delete, or supplement clauses indicated in the terms and conditions of any promotional program. It includes the program name, eligibility requirements, and fees under it. We will make sure to notify you, but our company is not liable for the failure to do so.

Intellectual Property

All of our content services are under the protection of copyright, trademark, patent, and other laws. All postings remain the property of the organization and its licensors, and we do not transfer the rights of title to our users. Besides, software codes which generate, create, display, and modify the content services should also not be copied for commercial or private purposes.

Term and Termination

These terms and conditions will be in full effect while you are still registered and is a user of the website. The company has all the right to pursue all legal remedies such as, but not limited to, disabling, suspending, or terminating your registered account and/or your access to the website and its services.