How To Deal With Road Rage – Counseling For Anger Management Issues


Road rage relates to an individual’s overreaction when experiencing issues while driving a vehicle. It is not gender-based as it can occur to women, men, and people of all ages. Road rage can happen anywhere, and it does not have a specific moment. Thus, it can entirely ruin someone’s day. However, tragically, road rage can result in severe injuries and even death on the other end of the story. It is a problem that happens all the time, but not all individuals address it properly.


What Causes Road Rage?

There are three causes of road rage, and the first one of them is fear of life. Let’s try to put it in a situation where someone tries to cut someone off on the road. That particular action can cause an impact in the mental and emotional aspect as the driver may feel an immense amount of fear for his life over getting into an accident. Fear shoots through that brings extra adrenaline to the body. With that extra amount of energy, some people try to get it all out. And the possible things they thought they could do in that particular situation are releasing the tension through anger. Usually, some of these individuals are not that inconsiderate. However, even the nicest and kindest individual can snap and suddenly scream and act pretty much out of character.

The second reason for road rage is people’s inability to see the reality of the situation. Sometimes, individuals are so caught up with imaginary situations that they thought they could handle. But once it is there, they automatically lose control over it. Some drivers believe that rules and regulations are made for everyone to follow. But that is the point. Not all individuals can adapt to the rules, and not all drivers are honest and willing to follow. That is human nature. Therefore, people should realize that everybody can cut off the line or drive slowly, regardless of rules and regulations. Drivers should align their expectations to what is genuinely happening on the road.

The third reason for road rage is obvious. That is when people take things personally. Usually, when drivers make mistakes on the road, some individuals see through it as an intentional act. It is as if there is no valid excuse for whatever behavior drivers do, especially if it affects some other drivers on the road. The thing is, most people view driving as a right that when someone cuts them off, drives slowly in front of them, honk on them, etc., they would feel disrespected. From there, they lash out and go hard onto others, and that’s what starts road rage.


How To Handle Road Rage?

Talking about the first cause of road rage, the potential solution to that fear is to think about the positive things in particular situations. Yes, people have that extra adrenaline going on because there are a lot of complex emotions. But they should also consider reality. Meaning, thinking that they got almost hit; they should also look through the result of not getting hit. In other words, the situation might be a close call, but fortunately, everyone is still safe, and that should be the focus of the moment. Thus, before reacting, people should try and calm down and repeatedly tell themselves that “I am okay,” “I’m cool,” and “I am safe.” It is a mind-conditioning process that lessens anger almost instantly because the body eventually believes it. This solution might help a lot. But people should remember that it does not happen automatically. It takes time to build this type of mindset, so everyone should start practicing it.

Another thing that people should remember concerning driving is to align their expectations with reality. Significantly, people realize that many unexpected things might happen along the road once they get into their car. Other people will make mistakes, and that is normal. Drivers should not expect things to go smoothly every day because uncertainties can happen even on the road. Thus, drivers should prepare themselves for the unexpected and always see through it as part of the daily driving experience.

Lastly, there is no point in making things complicated. One way people can control road rage is not to take things personally. They have to think that it is not about them when someone makes a mistake on the road. Perhaps there could be another issue going on that affected the other person’s driving. It is not worthy of any time, and it only takes a lot of emotional and mental torture, then it would be best to leave it there. People should have to learn to get a grip and set aside their ego or whatever they think is so important that they should genuinely want to get worked out for.