Counseling Guide On The Psychology Of Road Rage

Imagine a situation where you’re in your car driving an 80-mile speed limit down the highway, and you think that it is okay because you only cheat a little bit. Or maybe you are waiting in a line for hours only to get cut off by someone unexpectedly. Of course, the initial reaction would be full of intense and unpredictable emotions. That is where you would end up raising a middle finger or blowing your vehicle’s horn till forever. Sometimes, you even end up spitting certain words you know you’re not supposed to, and your kids or family can hear it, but you won’t care. You validate that action because you feel like you got disrespected and all that. So you immensely believe that your actions are suited at that moment.

Now here’s the deal. You need to realize that you are not the center of the universe. So if those things happen beyond your expectations, you are not entitled to feel bad about everything. You are in control of nothing. So when someone chooses to cut you off while driving, that is part of the daily behavior you should have seen coming since you are driving on the road with different people every day. If you can’t handle the reality of how individuals treat others on the road, you are in big trouble more than you think.


Understanding Road Rage

There is nothing wrong with feeling upset when someone doesn’t intend to follow the rules. Of course, you are on the right path, and as much as possible, you want everyone to abide by what’s there already. However, that is the problem. Not all individuals see things the same way as yours. Not everyone is capable of following rules and regulations without the slight intention of violating them. Some individuals will always feel a little careless because they believe some acts are forgivable and that part of their behavior is not a big deal.

But when things get out of hand, and you went on a full mode berserker because you feel disrespected while driving, that is another story. An incident on the road that you cannot control can ruin your personal, spiritual, emotional, and mental state. You begin to look for validation and worthiness, even if it is just a simple act. It becomes disorienting because you want to outsource those negative emotions and bring them to those you thought are making you an unfavorable impact.

The thing with road rage is it can unwind you instantly. It can immediately change your human default setting into something unbeneficial to you and others. It somehow removes all the values and respect you have towards yourself and others because you feel violated in a way. The unpleasant anger inside tells you that what you are going through mentally and emotionally is valid, despite the adverse effect of a negative circumstance.


What Can You Do?

Frankly, handling road rage requires a lot of patience which somehow unbelievably almost impossible to accomplish. It takes time and a lot of practice to tolerate mistakes on the road. You got to accept that most people feel so entitled that they do not care about others’ feelings. And to be honest, you are also part of those individuals who want to be treated all the time rightfully.

The remedy for the anger issues you might deal with regarding vehicle incidents is understanding why some people do what they did. Meaning, try to envision why that individual is coming before reacting to specific mistakes on the road. This process is called fundamental attribution error. It is like putting your feet in another person’s shoes. That way, you can easily calm yourself down and decide why the person in front of you might be driving too slow or too fast, cutting you off, or love annoying you in some ways.

However, there is still a catch to that. Because no matter how much you work yourself out on understanding other people’s behavior, you still can’t control them. So as you see, despite your effort to get a hold of other drivers’ intentions of committing road mistakes, you’re still left with the unknowns. So how can you handle that? You don’t!



If it isn’t clear to you until this last part of the article, it means that road rage happens because you let your emotions control you. The only thing you can do is not to get affected by petty road circumstances and never think that you own whatever it is that you think you deserve while on the road. Be mindful that people are born different, and they think and react differently. So if you have the chance not to get worked up, please do not overreact. You need to realize that you can’t control the situation, but you can always get a hold of your thoughts and actions.