Modern Classic Cars That Are Hot In The Market Today


I can still remember decades ago when my room was filled with posters of my favorite cars. Now, I don’t see many posters on the walls of rooms and stores. The generation today is more interested in seeing their dream cars live in closed garages and showrooms and are into the modern classic vehicles with V6 or V8 engines that rock their worlds. These models are fated to just grow exponentially in price. Here are some 4-star classic automobiles that are loved by the modern generation (hence, the name modern classic) and are destined to make very good investments.

The Solid Porsche 996 Turbo-S

This supercar is built with a 3.6-liter engine that gets you to 60 miles/hour in barely 4 seconds! But you don’t need to know all about the stats and numbers to acknowledge how awesome this car is. Take a look at those impressive curves that have made Porsche the famed and loved brand that it is today. The 996 offers great value for your money, as Turbo-S and similar models provide high-quality performance.

The Classic Jaguar Cruiser XJS-V12

If you have a luxurious family trip planned for this year, this beauty would be the best option. It’s a combination of the company’s 80s style and a more modern soft top. Whichever angle you look at it, it remains as grandiose as ever. This cruiser is worth to have because of its proven durability, with its rust-free features and a price that’s relatively affordable compared to the new competitions that have continually gone up. Fasten your seatbelt as you tour in this V-12 convertible.


Makinen’s Mitsubishi Evo Lancer

This rallying car is much more than your ordinary Evo, and your kids will love it if you bring them to school in this! Tommi Makinen’s championship car model boasts of its retail affordability and market demand. Plus, car owners are raving about the red Makinen edition, which is the most sought-after color.

The Sporty BMW Z4M Coupe

There are only a few cars that are foreseen to appreciate in market value, which can be attributed to the previous car models, and this BMW is one of them. Its previous models are currently in demand so that you may make money with this one even in the coming years. There have been more than a thousand right-hand driver coupes that were manufactured, that being proof that this model deserves to continue demanding a premium.d

The Reliable Mercedes SL-500

Because of its continued high-quality engineering standards, German cars have been known to be among the most reliable car brands in the world. The Mercedes SL-500 is a luxury car that has been consistently manufactured over the last 50 years, which is why it’s worth checking into.


It was introduced in the 1950s and has since then proven to be among the top designs that the Mercedes Company has ever created. And because of this, it continues to be manufactured until this day. Big engine R-129s like the 5-liter and V-8 are the best options if you are planning to purchase a racing car that performs excellently and with high investment potential.


So what’s your best bet? As for me, I will surely have difficulty choosing between these modern classic beauties. If you’re looking for classic with a touch of the present plus a speed that overwhelms, then go for one of the cars above.