The Four Safety Considerations Of Car Racing


Everyone who has experienced racing a car knows that the sport is as dangerous as it is exciting. New models of cars are getting faster as the car industry is continually reinventing to keep up with the competitive car business. Racecar drivers thrill their fans by driving 200mph and above and risk their lives in the hands of their seasoned mechanics, engineers, and pit crews who are focused on keeping their cars safe and ready to race.

But because of this extreme kind of sport, racers must be keen enough to watch out for their safety and the safety of their racecars as well. One of the most important rules in World Racing states that ‘you and you alone are responsible for your safety.’

Below is a list of safety considerations that racecar drivers must remember while his life is at risk at the wheel.

The Racecar Driver Must:

  • Be Aware Of The Things Around Him. This pertains to the racer’s awareness of the risks and incidents that are bound to happen should he neglect the safety precautions that he must follow before the race begins. Accidents can happen just because the racer is not mindful of the dangers surrounding him, and they happen despite the improvements done with helmets, seatbelts, and car technology as a whole. The risky nature of the sport requires racers to keep a heightened awareness amid the varying changes affecting personal safety.


  • Be In Control. Being in full control of one’s self is key to being a safe racecar driver. Rick Mears is a role model in personal safety and according to racing promoters, is the representative of what they are trying to mold in the team. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mechanic, engineer, driver, or pit crew. Rick Mears says that it is wise to learn preventative measures before and during the race.


  • Follow Strict Rules And Guidelines. This goes for everyone who drives. We as drivers tend to bend some rules from time to time, but others do it more frequently. Safety for every driver depends on the fact that he will follow the rules that make up the race, like slowing down when instructed to do so. Not abiding by these rules puts the driver as well as all the participants at risk. So in car racing, following the rules strictly is very crucial. As one popular racer said, “Safety never goes on a holiday.” The racing industry is equally making all efforts to provide innovations for safety to improve the status quo of the racing world.


  • Be Cautious. The typical racer is an adrenaline junkie who loves to seize the moment and is willing to put his life at risk to get ahead of the finish line. However, the truth is that this love of the rush that keeps many racers united is also what injures most of them. Perhaps it is because they tend to forget the fear of death when they are on the wheel. For this reason, racers are reminded to keep their love of adrenaline rush in check so that they may finish the race without any injury.



Keeping these considerations in mind plus a keen awareness of maintaining patience and the wisdom to make the right choices will make a tremendous difference in the life of racers old and new. Just as we strive to keep ourselves safe at work and home, we must consider our safety if we want to be live a long race driving life.