Tips In Dealing With A Bipolar Friend

There is no easy way to deal with a friend who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. You will realize that a bipolar individual has many peculiarities that are going to increase the challenges in your friendship. Unfortunately, the other person’s condition can add some complications in your life. For this reason, it is best to find out the practical ways and smart tips on how you can handle someone with the said mental health condition.


“Bipolar disorder is probably the main psychiatric disorder where medication is absolutely essential.” John Preston, PsyD. wrote in an article. So here are some of the things that you can take into consideration when it comes to handling a relationship with someone who has a bipolar disorder. You need to remember these, especially during car racing activities where you meet several people with varying personalities or characteristics:


Stop Making Comparisons

The first thing that you need to do is to stop comparing the attitude of someone with bipolar disorder to others who do not have any mental health issues. Take note that the disorder can have adverse effects on the person suffering from it. As such, you cannot expect your bipolar friend to act in the same manner as those who do not suffer from the same condition. Take note that every person is unique. Just because the bipolar person acts differently does not necessarily mean that he is unlovable or unworthy of respect.


Understand The Situation

As already mentioned above, bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that requires medication and therapy. “Bipolar Disorder is a mental health issue where neurological differences can be observed between those who have and do not have this diagnosis.” explains Catherine “Katie” Ness, MA, LCPC. Since you do not have this kind of mental sickness, it is imperative on your part to be more understanding of the other person’s situation. You need to educate yourself about what bipolar disorder is. It is essential so that you can avoid committing errors or mistakes that can offend your friend. One way to do this is to seek guidance from platforms like BetterHelp with the help of a licensed professional.  If you are not sure with what you are going to say or do, it is best to refrain yourself from doing or saying any of it.


Encourage Him To Get Help

As a friend, you have a moral obligation to remind the other individual to seek professional help. Encourage your friend to book an appointment with the trusted therapist in your local community. It is not going to be easy to convince him to do it, which is why you must think of the right ways to approach him. As much as possible, avoid talking about his condition in front of others, as he may feel embarrassed. At the same time, you must also do everything you can to assist him in searching for the best mental health expert in town. Support him in asking around for referrals or recommendations so that he can get the help that he needs as soon as possible. Online counseling is a significant first step in getting help for someone with bipolar disorder.


Be Open To Discussions

A person with bipolar disorder will have difficulty in expressing his thoughts and feelings. Also, “Some patients with bipolar disorder may have trouble complying with medication and/or dealing with the consequences of the disorder.” Simon Rego, PsyD added. The reason behind this is because he does not know what is going on in his life. He even has no clue why he feels certain emotions. His mind is clouded with doubts and negative thoughts that constantly bring him down. What you need to do is to make him think that he can connect to you at any time of the day. Do not forget to remind him that he can approach you whenever he needs someone to talk to. You do not need to give him advice on what to do. Instead, practice the art of listening to provide him with an opportunity to release his emotions entirely.

Making friends with someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder is challenging. However, you must never give up doing it because everything is possible. You can make things happen. Help a friend and change his life.